Eleanor Symms-studio portrait_edited.jpg

Edinburgh-based artist jeweller, Eleanor Symms, makes work which is unique, sustainable and highly wearable.

Eleanor’s work derives from a fascination with different types of materials, especially reclaimed plastics, which she finds and scavenges for use in her work. Often, her starting point will be the shape, colour or texture of something she has found; sea-worn plastics from the beach or scraps of waste sheet materials, which would otherwise be discarded.


Combining non-precious and precious materials, Eleanor aims to make jewellery which is beautiful and intriguing, rather than purely decorative, questioning the nature of ‘preciousness’ and disposability. 

Eleanor graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with Distinction in 2012. She is a Professional Member of Visual Arts Scotland and Applied Arts Scotland, a member of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery and the Crafts Council Directory and Craft Scotland Directory of Makers.

She exhibits in the UK and internationally.